Opening a dataset in the Viewer

Datasets created using BlobTools2 can be viewed interactively by starting a local instance of the BlobToolKit Viewer. The Viewer can be started using the blobtools host and blobtools view commands. Of these, blobtools view offers more flexibility and can also be used to generate plots non-interactively (see Generating plots on the command line).


Host a dataset on your local computer or a remote server and ready to view in a browser on your local computer. The command output contains the URL for the dataset and an example ssh command to forward ports:

~/blobtoolkit/blobtools2/blobtools view --remote ~/BTK_TUTORIAL/DATASETS/ASSEMBLY_NAME

    Initializing viewer |███████████████████████████████████████| 15/15 seconds
    Open dataset at http://localhost:8002/view/dataset/ASSEMBLY_NAME/blob?
    For remote access use:
        ssh -L 8002: -L 8000: username@remote_host

Host a dataset on your local computer and automatically open it in FireFox:

~/blobtoolkit/blobtools2/blobtools view --interactive ~/BTK_TUTORIAL/DATASETS/ASSEMBLY_NAME

For more control of hosting parameters, use blobtools host:

~/blobtoolkit/blobtools2/blobtools host --port 8081 \
                                        --api-port 8001 \
                                        --hostname localhost \
                                        --viewer ~/blobtoolkit/viewer \

    Starting BlobToolKit API on port 8001 (pid: 76493)
    Starting BlobToolKit viewer on port 8081 (pid: 76495)
    Visit http://localhost:8081 to use the interactive BlobToolKit Viewer.

For even more control see the Viewer tutorial Hosting a local instance for information on how to configure and run the Viewer directly.

blobtools view

  • --remote
  • --interactive